The process in which we approach our customers is first class; we first begin by doing a consultancy:

  • Strategic consultancy - gather all data and do assesment of site.
  • Regulatory Standards compliance consulting.
  • Technology consultancy – We offer trainings and development of technical opportunities. We help our clients to define the best technology that will satisfy their needs.
  • Feasibility consultancy - With data gather develop a feasibility study to determine the project's benefits, projections, and return of investment.

The second Step is the due diligence which will involve the financial plans, loans, incentive, grants and all the necessary paperwork required to begin servicing our clients. Our experience brings valuable insight into areas such as contract review, operations and maintenance, design review and performance analysis. Acceptance of project and contract signing.

The third step involves all the high level engineering involved starting with thorough site studies and progressing through all project phases culminating in final acceptance testing and performance verification. Our team brings a multi-disciplinary approach to each project, providing a broad and deep perspective on design, contract review, construction monitoring and final testing.

Our engineering services include:
• Site feasibility review
• Design review: compliance with NEC and conformance to good solar alternative energy system design practice
• Energy resource evaluation and modeling (Shadow Analysis, etc.)
• Performance simulation
• Construction in-progress inspections
• Commissioning
• Financial closing
• Performance guarantee reviews
• Contract sunset appraisal opinions
• Disposition/reversibility opinions


Whether you are building a new system or preparing to sell one that you have owned for a few years, TGSWS can provide a technical assessment to contribute to the appraisal of the system. We will evaluate historical production, warranties, and overall condition of the system to review current status.

We work with you and your architects to integrate the alternative energy of your choice into the design of the house, so that it looks like a natural aspect of the structure.



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