TGSWS offers services for design, installation, integration, commisioning for wind energy technology. We have been at the forefront of industry quality and trends with cutting-edge practices, technology applications, and best-in-class warranties and customer service. We are a dedicated partner in developing wind projects and work with our clients to define expectations, adapt to challenges and implement successful projects.

Our detailed designs include the following: site plan, wind studies, drawings, and monitoring design. It will include projected energy production of the system’s performance, which is integrated into the financial model as well.

TGSWS offers a wide range of wind turbines, we are capable of offering wind turbines of less than 1kW to the megawatt range for wind farms. We always perfom the pre-design studies such as wind probability and data analysis at the site, weather analysis, site visit and assesment, among other services that depend on the specificity of a project. All these studies need to be done pre-design so that when it comes to the sizing of the system this one can be done in the most efficient way and the turbine(s) can be placed on the location where the wind will be exploited at it maximum yielding in the most generation of energy possible.

When solar is not feasible due to area contraints, wind is a solution that can best suit you because wind turbines come in different sizes and shapes, they are vertical or horizontal, and they can be placed in the ground or on a rooftop.

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