Innovative technology is what LED lighting has come to be over the past several years. At TGSWS we are always looking to be innovative and that is why we offer this type of technology for the following lighting applications as retrofitts or new constructions:


  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Monument lighting
  • Flood/wall lighting
  • Sports complex
  • Subdivisions
  • Parks
  • Etc

LED brings a lot of benefits, in comparison with older lighting technologies such as HID and metal hallide, LED power consumption many times is reduced by more than 50% which can help our customers have energy efficient infrastuctures and cut down on their energy bills. LED also beats older technologies in rated life, illuminating longer and requiring less maintenance.

If we talk about enviromental aspects many older technologies like metal halide lamps required mercury or similar toxic chemicals that dissipate into the atmosphere polluting, also at the time of dispossing those types of lamps the process would not be very green and pollute many times. LED fixtures on the other hand have no mercury or lead, and are free of dangerous/toxic materials making them compliant with many enviromental protection agencies and codes.

Another benefit is that although their lument output is not a high as metal halide or similar techonlogies, they are seen brighter by humans because their luminocity output falls under the spectrum that the human eye can percieve. The latter mentioned technologies do not fall under that spectrum and that is why they seem opaque and many times they do not output a very clear light.

All this benefits and more are why TGSWS is offering this innovative technology that helps our company with the ideal of always giving the customer the best products and solutions that will help them satisfy their needs.






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