TGSWS is capable of implementing any of our alternative technologies as hybrid, meaning we can combine any two or more technologies and design, install and monitor the system as a whole.

One of the most famous applications of a hybrid system is the use of solar and wind to power a rodaway luminaire, solar and wind can also be a hybrid system that can reduce the electricity consumptiion of any building.

At TGSWS we offer our consulting services to procide the customer with the best feasible solution that will save them the most while getting a quality system designed and installed. Hybrid systems be suitable for customer's that do not have a lot of area to install solar panels but enough to put a reasonable capacity by solar modules and the rest by wind. 

Another application can be on a standalone independent system, on this one solar can be generating in the day and wind can generate at night and on cloudy days. It is all dependant on what the customer wants and what is feasible for them, TGSWS will ensure to put the best system in our customers hands.


solar-hybrid-system-wind-solar-500x500        wind solar hybrid system 1300W


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