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Here at TGSWS, we are open to all kinds of projects. Small communities are one of those kinds. We want as many people in our community to save energy. We can do that by setting PV farms to supply energy for a subdivision or have a 2MW wind turbine powering a city or small town. Everyone should be an equal opportunity to save energy and by doing so you can save the environment.


We work on industrial projects asind img well. We can have a small PV farm to power factories or manufacturing buildings.

Mega projects, like an assembly factory, can also be powered by something like a wind turbine. The possibilities are endless and we will not quit until every customer is satisfied. That is our guarantee here at TGSWS.


TGSWS offers services for design, installation, integration, commisioning for solar photovoltaic(pv) technology. We have been at the forefront of industry quality and trends with cutting-edge practices, technology applications, and best-in-class warranties and customer service. We are a dedicated partner in developing solar projects and work with our clients to define expectations, adapt to challenges and implement successful projects.

Our detailed designs include the following: site plan,shadow analysis, array layout, and monitoring design. It will include projected energy production of the system’s performance, which is integrated into the financial model as well.

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Whether you are building a new system or preparing to sell one that you have owned for a few years, TGSWS can provide a technical assessment to contribute to the appraisal of the system. We will evaluate historical production, warranties, and overall condition of the system to review current status.

TGSWS is capable of getting the right technology in accordance to customer's needs and expectations, we can offer modules from monocrystalline cells to polycrystalline, thin film and translucent mono and poly cells.

When you choose to go solar, you are making an investment that can set you on a savings path for the next 20 to 25 years while generating clean and reliable energy from the sun, with solar you can either reduce your consumtion because of the energy you would be generating or offset your consumtion completly.

This last one can be achieved two ways, one is going completly independent with a standalone solar system which would take you completely off the grid and would be generating electricity to power your building, this way requires a more thorough analysis and a bit pricy but if you do it you can be set for the future as far as energy costs becaise you would not have to pay for that energy you would be producing.

The other way TGSWS offer is to try to offset all your energy consumption by installing a system that would produce as much as you consume while still being connected to the grid, this way all your consumption would be covered by the generation of your system and what you would pay to your utility company would be minimal. Of course for these last 2 systems mentioned there are always other factors to consider such as space (area where the pv moduels can be placed) because many times there is not the sufficient area to design a system that can generate the entire consumption of the building.

With that being said TGSWS makes our clients aware of the feasibility of the project and will work with them so that if solar is not the right technology for them we can offer them other ways to reduce their consumption with our other alternative energy solutions like with wind energy.




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At TGSWS we not only involve in design,install, and services of our alternative energy systems. We take it deeper by offering an educational and training like approach to our customers.

We also work with many subcontractors that will perfrom their duties in all our services based on the training we previously impart on them.

We are capable to offer training in many regulations such as OSHA, NABCEP, amongst others.


As a leading solar electric provider in Texas, our company is committed to the very values that inspired us from the start: integrity, respect, honesty, and honoring commitments.



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