At TGSWS we work closly with our customers to make them feel at home when it comes to the financing of their alternative energy system.

We work with them throughout the process and can offer them many financial options such as:

  • Loans
  • Incentives
  • Grants
  • PPAs
  • Leasing
  • Cash
  • Credit

Incentives are given to customer's through programs that will make our customers eligible through us, here is a list of Electric Companies in the state of Texas that we are a part of their incentive programs:

  • AEP Texas Central PV Program (AEP TCC)
  • AEP Texas North PV Program (AEP TNC)
  • Southwestern Electric Power Company PV Program (SWEPCO)
  • Texas New Mexico Power PV Program (TNMP)



Located above is a map to show coverage areas were TGSWS can provide incentives.



We Currently Operate our business


 Main Office: +1 (956) 467-0681

Mobile: +1 (956) 887-0284

raciel [at] tgsws.com

Business Hours

All meetings are by appointment.